Anaïs Nin on Life
Diary excerpts selected by Maria Popova, illustrated by Lisa Congdon. Details and prints at the link.

The cats really liked my sister.

Hanging with this doll today.


My mom went vegetarian and my sister told me she was an atheist. Good day.


This past weekend, my dear friend from NYC came to visit me in my dingy little West Virginia town. Her life makes me remember that I yearned for so much more than a 2-star town. But, I look at my house and my loved ones and my pets and I wonder if I’m really meant to wander. I have so much and I love it so much. I’ll never stick to WV, but I am afraid that I will settle. My life is so quaint and maybe it’s supposed to be. But looking at her life makes me have wanderlust. It makes me crave a new adventure and that makes me kind of nervous.

Welp, there goes my time.

Whhhyyy did I start Buffy? I can’t stop watching. This is your fault, Elsie!

Summer adventures.



all of it

The top one OMG

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